b.e.s.t. Overview

The b.e.s.t. (Behavioral Emotional Social Traits) Universal Screening Platform is a tool for educational professionals and is designed to identify behavioral, emotional and social risk factors in school-aged children. Developed by psychologist Eric Hartwig, Ph.D., the platform is designed to enhance long term educational planning to optimize student's success, establish a uniform benchmark for behavioral analysis and enable educators to self-activate data-based decision-making interventions.

Optimize Student Success

A student's behavior in the classroom is, accordingly, viewed as the result of a complex interaction between the nature of a student's social-emotional development at any given time and the instructional context within which the behavior occurs. Challenging classroom behavior occurs when there is a mismatch between a student's social-emotional development and the instructional context. In contrast, pro-social behavior occurs when the demands of a given instructional context are appropriate for a student's social-emotional development.

Manipulating certain antecedents is relatively simple and can produce rapid and profound alterations in a students' behavior. The focus moves away from comparisons of students based on some aspect of their problematic behavior, or detailed specification of disruptive behavior to describing the student's social-emotional functioning in response to a variety of contextual variables.

Quickly Identify At-Risk Students

For the Teacher

b.e.s.t was created with educators in mind. We've provided tools and visualizations that help teachers and school administrators quickly identify typically developing student, those with an elevated risk status who would benefit from strategic support and students with life course persistent problems that need intensive support.

  • Dashboard
  • Screening Management
  • Screening
  • Screening Results
  • Classroom Report
  • Interventions
  • Data Export

For the School Administrator

All the same, powerful that are available to the classroom teacher are also available to the school administrator. Additionally b.e.s.t. provides a suite of simple management tools to administer student, teacher, classroom, and screening schedules.

  • Student Administration
  • Teacher Administration
  • Classroom Creation
  • Screening Schedule Administration


Easy Data Access

b.e.s.t. makes it easy to access your student behavior data. You're able to view, filter and export your student data in several common formats; Microsoft Excel, XML and Comma Separated (CSV).


Save Time - Quickly Screen Students

Student screenings are simple, effective and backed by decades of research. You can click through your screenings in your browser, tablet or mobile device and get up to the minute comparisons to the rest of the class, school or historical averages.